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Grateful Dead Live at Metropolitan Sports Center on 1973-10-23

Audio Preview

Grateful Dead Live at Metropolitan Sports Center on 1973-10-23

Set 1

The Promised Land
Mexicali Blues
They Love Each Other
Me And Bobby McGee
Black Throated Wind
Brown Eyed Women
Beat It On Down The Line
Brokedown Palace
Jack Straw
China Cat Sunflower ->
Jam ->
I Know You Rider
Around And Around

Set 2

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Big River
Row Jimmy
Me And My Uncle
Ramble On Rose
El Paso
Loose Lucy
Truckin' ->
Nobody's Fault But Mine Jam ->
The Other One ->
Drums ->
Jam ->
Weather Report Suite Prelude ->
Weather Report Suite Part ->
Let It Grow
Sugar Magnolia
Casey Jones
One More Saturday Night

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Metropolitan Sports Center
Location Bloomington, MN

Source SBD -> Master Reel -> Dat (44.1k) D
Lineage Dat (Sony D8) -> VXPocket v2 -> Samplitude Professional v10.1 -> FLAC (2 Discs Audio / 2 Discs FLAC)
Transferred by Charlie Miller


-- Disc change is seamless
-- Thanks to Rob Eaton for lending me his Dats
-- Beginning of The Promised Land is missing
-- I'm not sure if this is the complete show or where the set break is


Reviewer: Tomas B - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 7, 2016
Subject: a fun show to see
We were sitting around, 4 of us.. all broke.. and thought we'd go out to the Sports Center.. We talked a kid into letting us into the show for nothing and ran down to the floor. We got to the 6th row or so.. best seats I ever had for a Dead show... We missed the whole first set, but the second one was just beautiful. The fight was about 10 feet in front of me and not too much fun to witness.
Reviewer: JamsOnly - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 9, 2015
Subject: Throwing Punches
Highlights: Soundcheck (Wang Dang), Brown Eyed Women, Nobody's Fault But Mine Jam, The Other One, Drums, Bloomington Jam, Weather Report Suite, Casey Jones
Reviewer: timewarpwiretap - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 4, 2013
Subject: Re: My first show
This was my first dead show although I had been listening to their albums for a couple years. It was well attended. The sound was big & crystal clear.
Reviewer: doug_the_dude - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 23, 2013
Subject: --
Call this one the "OK asshole!" show. Phil, you da man -

Some highlights / caveats:
*That's definitely Wang Dang. I mean, you can hear Jerry singing, off mic, the damn words - why is this even debatable? Try it with headphones, yo.
*Promised Land here is the sacrificial lamb for the WOS. Start this one with Sugaree.
*The gorgeous Other One > Jam > WRS section here takes it all. Hearing that little Phil-led space jam glide so delicately into the WRS prelude is just beautiful.
*Casey Jones, halted for the melee. It's interesting to read stories here from people who were there, including the fellow in question :)

I'm a huge champion of the following show @ Dane County; what I wouldn't give to have THAT show sounds as lovely as this one does. This one's not among the *very* best of '73, but it's damned nice; woven from that same mysterious texture they perfected in the fall of '73. Glad this show is getting some more recognition. It's deserved.
Reviewer: wlg3 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 26, 2013
Subject: Wang Dang Doodle!!!
The comments intrigued me, so I checked out the soundcheck; it's close enough to be called Wang Dang Doodle- early on Jerry's noodling follows the WDD melody, and you can faintly hear off-mic vocals doing the "all night long" refrain.

As for you veteran guitarists/pianists who can't identify a melody, or think it doesn't matter.... Judas Priest, the things we bass players have to put up with....
Reviewer: njpg - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 26, 2013
Subject: This NFBM jam is like Dark Star
Really good show, before the fracas. Dude, are you proud of being part of the reason venues NEED security guards???
Reviewer: twentyniner - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 16, 2013
Subject: Keith plays jazz
Just listen to Keith's solo on Let It Grow. Jerry seems to sit out the WRS Prelude and takes a back seat in parts of LIG. It gives Keith a chance to shine and he really pulls it off.
Reviewer: gratefuldebbie - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 8, 2013
I usually don't comment on shows or recordings because for me they are all great and we are blessed to have had Jerry and the boys for so long. Some shows are better than others and some years are tighter than others, I agree. For the person who commented he played guitar as a second profession for 35 years and he couldn't hear traces of Wang Dang Doodle in the riffs Jerry was playing. Right out of the box, you can hear the early makings of Wang Dang Doodle. It's not the whole song or even part of the song but the riffs and licks are there. I have been playing piano and guitar since I'm a child and I have a trained musical's there if you know the song and listen closely. In the end, it doesn't matter whether you hear the riffs or not. If the music makes you happy and uplifts you, that's all you can ask of a piece of music. Music is a gift at least that's how I feel. I feel blessed that I saw them in person so many times and that we have the Archive to continue. I have many memories from my travels with the band (1973- present) and they are all 5 star to me. Thanks to everyone who took the time to make this site possible - but mostly thanks to Jerry and the Boys for making 5 star music. You will be in my heart and mind forever.
Reviewer: GermanShepherd - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 8, 2013
Subject: Thank You: Duckpond74
I didn't read the comments before listening straight through to the end of Casey. I couldn't believe what was going on, and I was glad someone could explain it. F the Police!
Reviewer: clementinescaboose - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 26, 2011
Subject: very nice
Dynamite China>Rider and some pretty unique 2nd set stuff - the little Jam before WRS is very haunting.

A typically strong Fall '73 show. Maybe not quite as good as 10-27 or 10-29 but worth hearing.
Reviewer: duckpond74 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 30, 2010
Subject: a little history here . . .
What really sucked was that this show was advertised as "The Grateful Dead Performing 3 Sets". Casey Jones was the first song of Set 3. The fight was ugly - several security dudes beating on one guy who was dancing in the aisle right in front of the stage, even Bill K. jumped off the stage to help break things up and security started pounding on Bill, that's what Phil is so upset about. The melee ended soon after. By then, Jerry and Phil were both sitting on the stage floor - everyone seeming quite upset by this sudden change of weird energy and bad vibe. The band had several discussions - you could see that they were at serious odds about whether they should continue with the plan and do a third set. After all, the first two sets were well played, creative and joyful. When they finally tried to play Saturday Night, you could tell their hearts and minds were no longer into continuing this night. Too bad for all of us. Those security punks must have left their 'Minnesota Nice' at the door or when they donned their uniforms.

The 'Wang Dang Doodle' Organ Jam - if memory serves me right - was actually the band and crew trying to get, what we all thought was the House's Wurlitzer, on stage and put through the PA. The crew and Keith dealt with this for a long time between the first and second sets, and finally the rest of the band came on stage - with house lights still up - and started playing this tune. Kind of a mini sound check. They brought the house lights down and continued on. A night full of unusual occurances.

Five stars for this recording. The little jam between The Other One and Weather Report Suite is wonderful, and yes, the Truckin' is a good one. Nice sound, sweet playing . . . too bad about the 'human error' abbreviating the end of this otherwise fine show.
Reviewer: snojon - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 30, 2010
Subject: Who cares????
who care if they call it "wang dand doodle" or whatever else. it sounds great.
to my ears, it sounds like a loose instrumental cover version of "w-w-d". anyway, keith shines on the organ on this track. and a few others.
difffernet side of him, we don't usually hear.
Jerry's leads throughout this evening also sound extra inspired. there must've a good mix of the kool=aid that night. but it sucks that casey jones had to end because of a fight in the audience.
Reviewer: Sedula - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 29, 2010
Subject: Wang Dang Doodle??
I hear a blues jam, not anything to do with Wang Dang Doodle. I've played guitar as a second profession for 35 years and I know the Wang Dang riff and Jerry doesn't even play it once. You might as well call the jam C.C. Rider or Red Rooster. Don't expect to hear Wang Dang Doodle though.

Great recording though!
Reviewer: philside92 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 29, 2010
Subject: sick, sick, sick!
this truckin' will blow your doors off.
Reviewer: Finckster75 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 27, 2010
Subject: 10/23/1973
This was my 16th birthday...thans to all involved for this recording as the memories are so sweet...fair thee well.
Reviewer: BIG_R - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 2, 2010
Subject: 10-23-73
All I can say is excellent. Another fine remaster by Charlie too.
Reviewer: bbhsu2 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 15, 2010
Subject: casey jones
listen to what happens during casey jones. threw me off guard
Reviewer: NYLifer - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 24, 2009
Subject: Don't overlook the souncheck
A tangy early stretched out Wang Dang Doodle! Very interesting up front Keith mix throughout. Thank you Charlie.
Peace, Bob
Reviewer: IsleHigh - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 23, 2009
Subject: Organ on BTW Keith?? Wow
It must be Keith on organ or electric piano that I have never heard before way up front in the mix on BTW. Very unique and great recording. Thank yous to GD,IA and CM for this great show. Aloha to all.
Reviewer: pnc - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 18, 2008
Subject: Dope!
This is dope, and the recording sounds pretty good to me. Bobby and Billy are a little high in the mix, but this really (in my mind) has a positive rather than a negative effect overall.

Truckin' through Let it Grow is an absolute pleasure, with so much else that is great before that particular tour de force.

Listen to Kieth on Let it Grow...he crushes it!
Reviewer: Dr.Unclear - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 15, 2008
Subject: Thank you Charlie!
There are scant/few recordings of this show, so much thanks to Charlie and Rob Eaton for sharing. The sound is pretty good, it gets better after the first few tunes during which the sound engineers were messing with levels it seems. It's not the best board I've heard though.

Noteworthy is Phil going nuts during Casey Jones at the end, literally he gets upset :-/ Check it out...
Reviewer: Miss Divine - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 15, 2008
Subject: Nice, nice, nice...
Lovely sounding board here.
Bobby seems pumped up during Mexicali Blues....
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